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Problems and Solutions with Model-View-ViewModel

My MSDN article on the MVVM design pattern is finally available!

Unfortunately, Figure 1 is not correct;  we’re working on getting that fixed in the article. In the meantime here’s a corrected version:

  • The WPF Utilities component should not depend on any unit tests
  • The unit test components should not depend on any other unit testing component
  • The domain model should NOT depend on the data access layer.  Instead, the data access layer should depend on the domain model.  The domain model is the core of everything.  Acthieving this is not easy, and I’ll post about how to achieve it.

Let me know what you think of the article!


VS2010 MSDN Accouncement and pricing

Microsoft just had some major announcements about VS2010 MSDN subscriptions:

1. New SKUs:

2. “Free” upgrade

Here’s a quick price comparison matrix/chart that I put together that will probably mean I’ll ditch NCover and buy MSDN premium instead, picking up Expression Studio 3 and the full version of Office 2010 in the process.

Upgrading to Visual Studio 2010
MSDN Premium
(with Ultimate offer)
MSDN Professional
MSDN subscription cost: $2,499 $1,199
Code Coverage included $658 (NCover complete)
Test prioritization included n/a
Code analysis / optimization included n/a Microsoft code contracts (watch the video)
DB dev & testing tools included n/a
Expression Studio 3 included $600
Office included $540 (Ultimate upgrade price)
Windows OS included included (Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade price)
$2,499 $2,997
Other links:
Current subscriptions
VS in only 4 SKUs

2009-10-30: Update!

I just watched this amazing profiling video:

Recently I was talking with RedGate about their profilers:

  1. Performance profiler: $500
  2. Memory profiler: ANOTHER $620

While Parallel Tasks and Parallel Stacks are available in Pro and above, it’s not immediately clear about the profiling, but I’d guess it’s only in Premium and above, which differentiates itself from the professional version by another $1120 for a total savings of about $1620 AND its all nicely integrated inside Visual Studio.

2010-02-04: Update

For Code Contracts: “The one that includes the static checker requires VS 2010 Premium or VS 2010 Ultimate.

Static code-contract checking is amazing – I think this could save a lot of debugging time.