I’m a software developer and entrepreneur in London Ontario Canada.

I’ve been programming since I was knee-high to a grasshopper and am currently enamored with the productivity provided by C# and .NET.

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  1. David Liu on

    Hi Robert,
    Thank you for your excellent article in MSDN Magazine about MVVM design pattern for WPF/Silverlight.

    I have a follow up question. I noticed that Silverlight 4 natively only support Command for ButtonBase controls. Then, I noticed that there is InvokeCommandAction, CallMethodAction through Interaction.Triggers in the Blend’s Interactivity Assembly which allows you to call methods from View’s XAML.

    I’m wondering what is difference between the native command in Silverlight core runtime vs. these features from Blend 4’s Interactivity Assembly… Would it be equally good to use (InvokeCommandAction, CallMethodAction ) to implement the pure MVVM design pattern?

  2. Paul Reed on

    Robert…loved that July article on MVVM and AvalonDock.

    You solved my adapting of “DocumentContent” MVVM views.

    Now I need to do the same for “DockableContent” views. I am curious what general (or specific) guidelines you would recommend. In my case….there would be a fixed number of “DockableContent” views.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

    Paul Reed
    Houston, Tx.

    • robertmccarter on

      Thanks for the feedback!

      I’ll put together a blog post right now…

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