VMWare Host Only Networking problem

I just spent an hour fighting to get my host machine to be able to connect to my virtual/guest machine.

I have a virtual machine running a website staging server. I am using XAMPP to run Drupal, PHP and MySQL; because XAMPP is inherently insecure (which is fine for local developer boxes) I really wanted to only use host-only networking.

The guest would easily connect to my host computer using Windows Networking, but not the other way around. My host could not even ping the guest, and when I tried to connect to it using windows sharing (after getting Windows 7 to diagnose the problem) I got the following message:

“Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource is not responding”

This was a real pain, because I wanted to be able to use FileZilla on my main/host computer to transfer files directly from my staging server to my production/live server.

I noticed that if I did an “ipconfig” on the host that I would get this for VMnet1 (which is the VMWare host-only network adapter by default):

But in the Virtual Network Editor inside VMWare Workstation 7.1.3 the IP address was SUPPOSED to be! Even setting the IPv4 address using the network properties didn’t change this. I fought with this for a while, trying to get the adapter to use the correct IP address…

After much searching on the net (to no avail) I decided “why fight it”? Rather than try and get the adapter to use the correct IP address, I would instead configure the VMWare Virtual Network Editor to use the IP address that the adapter seemed intent on using.

So in VMWare I used the Virtual Network Editor to configure the VMnet1 Host-only adapter to use the subnet address:

This worked perfectly the first time, and my host could then easily connect to my guest OS, and (after updating my guest’s static IP address) my guest could connect to my host.

I hope this helps.


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