Design Patterns 2 – The Enterprise version

Back in May I suggested that ever developer should read the “Gang of Four’s” (or GoF if you’re trying to be really cool and pick up girls) “Design Pattern’s: Elements of reusable object oriented software”. While this is a great book, it was written before enterprise databases and database-access were ubiquitous and before XML was even invented or SOA was the buzzword of the year (hell, it was written before the .NET boom/bust, which was like a long time ago ;-); which is to say, that the patterns presented in GoF area really great and really important but they’re only the beginning…

The book that takes your “Design Pattern Toolbox”™ 😉 to the next level is Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture” by Martin Fowler.

Like the GoF book, this one opens with a collection of very well written narratives covering:

  • Application layering (wonderful stuff)
  • Organizing domain logic (key information you need to know)
  • Mapping to relational databases (very good stuff)
  • Web presentation and session state
  • Concurrency (pretty rare back in the ’90’s but now ubiquitous with multi-core processors)
  • Distribution strategies
  • And a final “Putting it all together” chapter

Section 2 of the book then contains all the design patterns. I suggest you follow my previous advice on reading a design pattern book but not abusing your new-found power knowledge.

Some of the patterns I have used most are:


PS. If you’re actually trying to pick up girls, using “GoF” will only help you pick up really geeky girls…

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