Google maps a result in BING?!!

Well, I know that bing is trying to improve, but simply serving up content from Google is a strange way to “compete”…




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  1. Mike on

    Sorry for off-topic.


    I have seen your post on the Actipro support forum about applying MVVM pattern to their docking suite and I’m wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing a more complete sample if you have one.


    • robertmccarter on

      Hi Mike,
      I’ve actually written a very detailed article for MSDN magazine, which is supposed to be coming out in the next month or two about exactly this topic.
      Can you wait for that?


      • Mike on


        You are obviously holding all the cards so I’ll try to be patient and wait :), but I’d be also very grateful if I didn’t have to. Any chance you could send me the article or just code?

        Sorry if I’m asking for too much!

        – Mike

      • Mike on


        Sorry to be a pest, do you know when your article is going to be published?

  2. Robert A. McCarter on

    Yes, the article will be published in just a few days.
    I’ll be posting here with a link to the MSDN article.

    • robertmccarter on

      Mike, you can find the article here:

      Unfortunately “Figure 1” was transcribed incorrectly, and I’ve got an e-mail in with them to fix it.


      • Mike on

        Thank you Robert, I got it in print as well!

      • Mike on

        Robert, sorry if I’m asking too much, but by any change do you have a version of DocumentManagerAdapter class tailored to ActiPro docking?

      • robertmccarter on

        As a matter of fact, I do, becuase I’m using Actipro’s Docking components in my software. However, my adapter seems to be very problematic, and the performance is very poor, so I’ve got some bugs to fix.

        Maybe I should open source that piece of my software so I can get some help

  3. Mike on

    I spend a couple of hours yesterday converting your MSDN sample to use Actipro docking. It seems fine, although it’s impossible to see performance issues with project this simple and I didn’t implement any other windows other than basic document. What problems and performance issues did you encounter?

    Perhaps it’s worth taking this conversation offline. Email me at michael (dot) per (at) lazard (dot) com.

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