The PlasticSCM Evaluation: Not good so far, problems with ignore.conf

So I’ve downloaded PlasticSCM and I’m giving it a whirl, and sadly, so far I’m not impressed and I don’t even have my files into it yet!

After dealing with Subversion bugs and corruption the other day, I thought things would be smooth sailing.  Unfortunately, the PlasticSCM Subversion importer did not correctly import everything even after all that work.  So instead, I just did a direct export of just the current HEAD revision from Subversion into the Plastic workspace, and then did an “Add (recursive)” to add everything.

Of course, it added all my bin, obj, publish, etc folders too, which is no good, so I went looking in the documentation for how to ignore files and easily found the information.  I followed the documentation, and it didn’t work .

I posted on their forum, I Googled, I phoned their support #, I e-mailed their support.  Nothing.

So I started to play with it, and I eventually got it working.

Apparently the exclusion patterns are not compared to the file name or to the folder name as described in the documentation, but instead the exclusions are applied to the entire path!. That’s why I couldn’t just specify “desktop.ini“, because the path doesn’t match it!  Instead, *desktop.ini works, because that will ignore any desktop.ini file on any path.

Powerful yes, documented no; this is very different from the documentation and the release notes!
If anybody out there cares, here’s my now working ignore.conf file:

# RAM: The PlasticSCM ignore file, defining the paths to exclude
*\Performance Snapshots*

Here is what really worries me

  1. The documentation is dramatically wrong.
  2. Only one person replied to this forum thread
  3. That person was wrong
  4. When I called their support phone number I got an answering machine
  5. When I e-mailed their support I got absolutely no response (even to acknowledge that they received my question
    (I have still not received any response, more than 24 hours later)
  6. Google only had links to the incorrect documentation and release notes

Maybe I will not buy this after all despite the cool videos…

So far this entire process has wasted about 5 hours of my time, all in an effort to save 30 minutes every week with SubVersion problems.  This is not good…


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